Call for AHW Writers

Welcome to AHW and thank you for your interest in a writing position with us!

The main categories for the site’s focus include:

  • Career + Education
  • News + Politics
  • Food + Drinks
  • Health + Sex
  • Book + Movie Reviews
  • Music
  • Relationships
  • Poetry + Short Stories
  • Beauty + Fashion (NEW)
  • DIY + Crafts (NEW)
  • Fandoms (NEW)
  • Travel (NEW)

AHW is currently looking for writers who are interested in penning 2-4 articles per month on at least one of the aforementioned topics!

Your application should include the following:

  • An article of any length (written by you, of course) falling within one of the categories listed above
  • A short and sweet introduction of your lovely self
  • Why you are interested in writing for AHW
  • Any additional pieces of writing you would like to be considered

Please send all applications in the form of a Google document to



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