Series II

shelby westfall block

To a Friend

There’s a chaos that surrounds me,

that will not leave me be.

But I come home and you’re right there.

And suddenly I’m free.


Even when I’m far away,

I always call on you.

No matter how confused I am,

you tell me what is true.

The Flower

Today I saw a flower,

growing in the weeds.

She grows tall and fierce,

but is battered by the breeze.

And when it rains,

she fills up

and shelters those beneath her.

They stay dry,

and safe and sound,

and they hardly even see her.

The Dancer

She doesn’t even know the way

she dances when she moves.

Like she’s gone through all there is to go through

and there’s nothing left to prove.


She has a way of really knowing

everyone she knows.

She has so much going on

but she doesn’t let it show.




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