Series IV: On Home

shelby westfall block

It’s a God Thing

My mother used to say,

when I was feeling low,

that troubles always pass.

I just have to let them go.


“It’s a God thing,”

she would say.

Then she’d hug me tight.

So I try to never worry.

My mother’s always right.


Going Home

Every time that I go home,

something else has changed.

It may be a new appliance,

or a brand new shade of paint.


But the last time I went home,

There was no change that I could see.

I thought and thought and finally saw,

The thing that changed was me.


A New Home

This morning I made pancakes

with extra chocolate chips.

They were nothing like my father’s,

but they satisfied an itch.


Home is where you make it.

This is something that I know.

And with every perfect pancake,

I watch my new home grow.



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