Product Review: Earth Therapeutics Foot Scrub + Therapeutic Balm

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When it comes to keeping my skin healthy, I feel like I have to work twice as hard as everyone else.  Working in a kitchen has done so much damage to my body, it’s to the point of me needing to spend a nice chunk of change to keep it healthy.  I spend most of my money and time on my face, hands, and body, but for some reason I ignore my feet.  It may be that I stand on them a minimum of 8 hours each day and never see the bottoms.  So one day I finally took a peek at my soles and I was mortified.  They looked parched, like close-to-cracking-and-about to-bleed parched.  So I decided to take action.  In the beginning, I only used lotions and creams. Although they would provide some repair, by midday my feet would look like the Sahara.  It became frustrating buying more and more tubes of deep hydration or ultimate repair creams, only to come back with a temporary fix or no change at all.  I needed a product that could give me long-term results and wouldn’t break the bank either.

So I thought long and hard about what kind of product I was looking for.  It dawned on me when I used my three-step hand repair set from Mary Kay.  I needed an exfoliator, and so my search began.  My search began unsuccessfully, and it wasn’t until I walked into the Ulta by my house and discovered something amazing.  My mother casually pointed at an ordinary looking container and said “I’ve used that on my feet before and it was amazing!”.  So I bought this product, took it home, and used it for two weeks.

Personal Photo/ Janine Hanover
Personal Photo/ Janine Hanover

The product: Earth Therapeutics Refreshing Foot Scrub and Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair Therapeutic Balm. (Foot Scrub & Repair Balm: $7.99 each at

Pros: The first is that it worked.  Even if it wasn’t to the point of completely smooth feet, it still helped.  I think my feet have formed a protective hard shell on the bottom due to the fact that I’ve abused them for the past three years working in the service industry.  So when I used the Foot Scrub I expected irritation from over-exfoliating, and to my surprise it didn’t happen.  In fact, the scrub left my feet feeling smooth most of the day until I got home after a long shift, then my feet were a little rough again.  However, by no means were my feet dry, and that it is a win in my book!  My second favorite thing about this product is how easy it is to use.  It takes maybe 5 minutes total to exfoliate my feet, rinse off with warm water, pat dry, and put the lotion on.  It’s not complicated and I easily fit it into my morning routine.  My other favorite thing about this product is how easily I can take it places.  The tubes are not too big, and I can easily throw them into a travel bag to take with me on a trip.  I like being able to carry my beauty products with me.

Cons: My complaints are small ones compared to the effectiveness it had on my feet.  The first is the smell.  It’s not stinky by any means, but smell of “tea tree” isn’t something I’m into.  It’s too woodsy for me; I’m more of a fruity person when it comes to scents.  My other complaint is that it didn’t delivery fully on completely smooth feet, however, this is nitpicking since it did leave my feet smooth for most of the day.

Personal Photo/ Janine Hanover
Personal Photo/ Janine Hanover

So, should you buy this product? I think if you have problems with your feet, especially in dryness I’d give this product a go.  It’s not going to work for everyone, and those with severe foot problems need to consult a doctor, but for those with mild dryness or who like myself, have a job where your feet are abused daily, I’d give this product a chance.

Overall: 4/5



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