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“Fandom” is used to describe a large group of fans who come together to share a common interest.  They come not just for the material, but for the camaraderie.  At And Having Writ, we wanted to explore different fandoms and introduce some to our readers.  This article is one of many that will cover a variety of fandoms, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Harry Potter

When I think about fandoms, Harry Potter is the first that comes to my mind.  Arguably one of the biggest fan bases and one of the most loyal, the Harry Potter fandom will defend itself until the very end.  It’s easy to understand why: it’s a story about an orphan boy raised by hateful relatives, and the boy soon finds out he is an extremely famous wizard.  The story follows this boy wizard on his journey through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond.  Spanning seven books, eight movies (with three more spin-offs on the way), and Pottermore (a huge fansite) with the author herself posting frequently, it’s easy to see that Harry Potter will stand the test of time.  People of all ages, races, and religions adore this book because its central themes revolve around love conquering all evil, the importance of family and friendship, and that anyone, no matter their start in life, can achieve greatness.

The three main characters are Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who face challenges throughout the series with all of it eventually leading to the return of The Dark Lord: an evil wizard dead-set on killing Harry. Even though these three are our central characters, much of the supporting cast is just as beloved.  We see Neville, an awkward boy in Harry’s year, blossom into his full potential, Luna, a quirky young girl complete with obscure antics, Ron’s brothers Fred and George’s mischief, and the love of Harry’s godfather Sirius.  The emotional rollercoaster never stops, and it always packs a punch.  Character deaths that will be etched into your brain forever, shocking plot twists, and adorable relationships are what you’ll find in these books.  As Professor McGonagall says in Sorcerer’s Stone, “every child in our world will know his name.”  As time goes on, this couldn’t be more true.

Love the Harry Potter universe? Check out these Tumblr blogs!


Harry Potter Confessionshpconfess4

Follow them here.

Page Admins(s)

Tech- Runs the blog

Taiga- Graphics

AHW: How long have you been in operation and how many followers do you have?

Tech: The blog was started in August of 2011, I joined it a few months later.  And as of writing this we have over 195 thousand followers.  I’m positive we’ll hit 200k in less than a week.  The blog gains followers pretty quickly now!  Just today we gained 308.  And the more active it is, with posts and discussions, the faster it gains followers.

AHW: What made you want to start a Harry Potter themed blog?

Tech: I didn’t actually start it.  However I JOINED it because Harry Potter is my lifeblood and I was really obsessed with making confessions posts when they first got really popular so I figured why not put that to good use!  I love the secrets people send in, I love the discussion they invoke.  Seeing different points of view and how others respond and their rebuttals to unpopular opinions is one of my favourite things.  I love seeing how into this story everyone is, it gives me the warm fuzzies that we’re all completely different people from absolute different walks of life, we all have different experiences and minds but were all sharing this one thing.  I love the interactions I get from running this blog.

AHW: What do you love about the Harry Potter fandom?

Tech: I love the people, I love this fandom SO MUCH.  Even though we are in no way perfect, and we fight about silly things.  It’s like one huge family, we’re not always nice to each other but we have this in common.  I dunno, I just really enjoy being a part of that in any way I can.

AHW: Describe the Harry Potter fandom in one word.

Tech: CAN I BE THE ONE WHO USES ‘MAGICAL’ haha, no but seriously I have always only used one word for it and that really is ‘Family’.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the support, the love, the anger and fights.  This fandom is friendship and family.


Imagines Harry Potter

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Page Admin(s)

Lauren & Kerrie

AHW: How long have you been in operation and how many followers do you have?

Lauren: I made this account February 8th 2014, so one year ago. We have over 20,000 followers!

AHW: What made you want to start a Harry Potter themed blog?

Lauren: I’ve always thought imagine blogs were cool but I didn’t really see any active Harry Potter ones so I made my own.  I used to make all the imagines and write lots of one shots for people.  Kerrie joined about a month later.

AHW: What do you love about the Harry Potter fandom?

Lauren: I love that even though the books and movies stopped coming out a few years ago, the fandom is still going strong.  I have met so many passionate Harry Potter fans from all over the world through tumblr.  The craze still hasn’t died down and I love that.

Kerrie: I like how widespread it is, and the variety of people in it because of this.  I also like how even though it’s been 8 years since the last book, and 4 since the last movie, people still love it and haven’t forgot it.  There’s a great sense of community as well.

AHW: Describe the Harry Potter fandom in one word.

Lauren:  Home.

Kerri: I’m not really sure what to say for one word.  Incredible, magical, outstanding, home.


Muggle Headcanon

Follow them here.

Page Admin(s).

Tirion- moderator

Lindsay- Housepoint keeper

Lulu- moderator

Liz- moderator

Isabel- moderator

AHW: How long have you been in operation and how many followers do you have?

Tirion: When I first started there was about 30,000 and now it has increased to 113,618 and

it is still growing which is amazing!  As for creating the blog we didn’t actually create it, me and Lindsay came on as mods first.  The creator of the blog brought us on in July 2014 however our first post was June 2nd, 2014.  The creator left the blog saying she felt comfortable leaving it in mine and Lindsay’s hands.

AHW: What made you want to start a Harry Potter themed blog?

Tirion: As I said before me and Lindsay didn’t create the blog so I can’t take credit for that.   However the reason I wanted to become a Mod on the blog was because before this I wasn’t creating content on tumblr or giving anything back.  I have only been on tumblr for a few years and most of what I watch now comes purely from tumblr and the fandom side of it.  As a result I know a lot about other fandoms but only having been in them two years or so I can’t say I know everything.  Harry Potter is a different story since I have loved it since being a child.  I felt if I could start to post things and make other people happy by doing so why not?  I have an extensive knowledge of Harry Potter also so being able to put that knowledge to use on the blog and coupling it with living in England and knowing the country and all that jazz it makes being a mod a very enjoyable experience.

AHW: What do you love about the Harry Potter fandom?

Tirion: I have said before I have loved Potter since childhood.  I grew up with the story of Harry and his friends (the first film I went to see at the cinema was Harry Potter!).  I think that coupled with the fact I am very into fantasy and mystical things makes it a great thing to love.  As for the fandom I really like some of the more mature debates that go on.  For example the ongoing debate on whether Hogwarts could ever have wifi and electronics or not.  Reading into these sorts of theories really gets me excited and interested.

AHW: Describe the Harry Potter fandom in one word.

Tirion: If I had to pick one single word it would probably be exciting (I would say magical but some parts are not so magical).  I can honestly say you’re never bored and the story always has new things coming out about it.

Just like the books, the fandom has a magical quality about it.  They don’t just love Harry Potter; they love interacting with other fans and sharing a common interest with no fear of judgment.  Fandoms provide a welcoming environment for those who want to express the joy they find with Harry Potter.  It’s a fandom many should be a part of.



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