The Man in Blue

xavier martin block

The Man In Blue


When I was young

My mom told me a story

Of a man in blue

and his frightening glory.


She said


“He takes away many,

those he might take have to worry.

He’ll take away your brother

or your sister or you or me.”


“He rides a monstrous machine

Shining lights both red and blue.
Black boy black boy

He’s coming for you.”


I was terrified.

No child wants to be taken

I knew it was a story,

But I was still shaken.


“I’ve grown up though!

Now I’ve got nothing to fear,

No man in blue there,

No man in blue here.”

That’s what I once thought,

But now it’s all clear,

He’s coming for me

And he’s filled with cheer


I’m constantly scared

Always watching my back

for the man in blue

to take me for being black.



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